The quest to identify coats of arms has evolved greatly over the centuries: from a real social necessity in the Middle Ages to, in more recent times, a cultural or historical interest or quite simply a passion.
The mystery surrounding coats of arms can be fascinating or can result in frustration.

A huge amount of time is often required to find the relevant information and sometimes the key to solving a puzzle is never found, meaning searches hit a dead end and mysteries remain unsolved. Many questions arise when embarking on a search to identify coats of arms: Are my sources complete? Is the search result correct? Should I seek expert help?

These questions and challenges inspired us to develop Webaldic.
Webaldic provides an immediate, relevant, precise and simple tool which enables you to search through a vast number of coats of arms and find what you are looking for.

This highly advanced tool, which was primarily developed to respond to an age-old need, is already capable of providing services above and beyond the simple search for coats of arms, for example:

  • A watch service for auctioned items bearing a specific coat of arms
  • Searches for coats of arms based on visual aspects, geographical areas, period or name
  • Searches for the geographical coverage of certain coats of arms