Our Story

Coats of arms

Since their emergence in the 12th century, coats of arms have been one of the most common and important means of visual identification.
As the need to identify with and prove membership of families, companies, professions and universities increased over time, so did the need to be able to distinguish between them both socially and geographically.
Since this time, items as varied as manuscripts, charters, official documents, works of art, pottery, and tomb stones, to name but a few, bear witness to the intriguing history of these coats of arms.

Who are our searches for?

Today, all over the world, collectors, art dealers, auction houses, genealogists, families and researchers are diving into this fascinating world in the search for further information about certain coats of arms.
This is no easy task given the sheer number of coats of arms in existence, their geographical coverage, the vast time period and, not least, the poor quality of some of the sources themselves.

How have we transformed this arduous task into a simple click?

A few years ago we set ourselves the seemingly impossible challenge of identifying any coat of arms.
Thanks to our teams in Asia and Europe and our wealth of experience in AI and global data collection, we are now able to offer this unique collection of millions of coats of arms, all of which can be identified quickly and easily.

Our solution

Users can upload their own image of a coat of arms to our online platform. Our tool then searches for and displays matching coats of arms along with any relevant information (such as source, date, country) with an unparalleled level of accuracy.